Saturday, 12 June 2010

How's the Raglan Festival going?

Very well.

This morning I was on duty to do the announcements at the children's workshops so I carted the amplifier and mike and guitar and placard along.

I tried not to be too intrusive - except when I was making the announcements, of course?

Between stints at the microphone I went around singing, "Busking for Raglan Baptist Church" to little groups of people.

Made almost exactly £30 this morning.

It was great to see my old French Horn teacher, David Davies. Those were the days! We didn't have the instruments they have today. The horn I learned on had the mouthpipe bent at such an angle that I learned to play blowing out of the side of my mouth. That's the standard embouchure for playing the renaissance cornett but not much good for modern orchestral horn playing. I always had a lot of sensitivity but not much volume.

Didn't stop me getting on the National Youth Orchestra, though. Cheers, David - a wonderful, inspirational teacher.

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