Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Gone quiet?

Kind of.

Went to Abergavenny this morning to do some publicity for a concert we're doing with Amy Wadge this Saturday.

It's part of the Raglan Festival www.raglan-festival.org

Did some 4-up invitations and touted them around on market day and did some windscreens.

I must say how much I admire Paolo Nutini. Rachel, our daughter sings Rewind and Last Request but I think the whole of the first album is pretty good and I've liked what I've heard of the second. Heard him do a great cover of "Beeswing" by Richard Thompson, too. Whisper this: is he overdoing the vocal mannerisms now? But he's still so young!

So, I think I'll add Rewind to my own set.

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