Monday, 17 May 2010

So what's the latest on other activities?

Cheryl has added £10 to my original loan and writes about:

MUSABE Valentine who owns a clinic of Kinesitherapi in Rwanda. She started this clinic in 2006 .she helps people like those who suffered from muscle pains. Like massage, she helps different patients who have pain, those who have difficulties in chest, legs, sports like Jim tonic, food supplement, and consultation.Valentine is married with two children. is where Cheryl met Valentine.

Ian has set up his website at The content is soon to follow.

Terri has made £50 already on sales of the cards she has made. Well done, Terri !

Anne is going to raise some goslings.

Jan and Paul are making soup, bread and cake and selling them at work. Hundreds of pounds to be made there!

The local PTA has decided they don't want the school fete to be taken over with our stalls, though ! Wise decision.

Tomorrow, I'll start writing about some Welsh songs I'm learning for my trip.

Things are looking

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