Thursday, 20 May 2010

So what are the Welsh songs?

The local web TV people are coming round today to do a piece about the busking project.

I've been listening to BBC Radio Cymru for some time looking out for songs for this trip.

There's a good thing going on in Welsh music at the moment.

I already knew about that by listening to the Adam Walton show on BBC Radio Wales late on Sunday but C2 is on every night late on Radio Cymru.

Sometimes the old ones are the best, though. I've settled on some songs by Meic Stevens - "the Welsh Bob Dylan".

Meic's autobiography is available in English under the title "Solva Blues" as well as in Welsh - "Hunangofiant y Brawd Houdini". It's a great short read with lists and lists of famous people making brief appearances: Dylan himself is in there.

He was a pioneer in the Welsh music scene in the sixties and seventies and one funny bit is where he puts together a group to ridicule a particular style of music and accidentally hits the big time.

I expect he gets his fair share of that kind of treatment himself now but that doesn't take anything away from the quality of his songs.

First one tomorrow.

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