Tuesday, 27 July 2010

And the latest?

Well, I didn't get onto the Music in Hospitals thing. As I suspected, they didn't like me talking to the imaginary inmates during my songs and thought I should have dressed in evening dress to play Dylan covers. Funny old world.

On the other hand, the busking continues to go well. Fifty pounds last Saturday morning, talking the total to about £500.

Also did an open mike with Rachel last week in the Ship in Raglan. Her usual guitarist wasn't about so I learned half a dozen of her songs and played them. Had a good time. There's another one tonight. Don't know if I can face another one so soon, though. Not when television has reached such a highly developed level of entertainment.

Reminds me: I Said to Charles Fountain after the Ship, "These open mikes are conclusive proof of evolution. At the age of fifty everyone has developed a distinctive style and repertoire and is now fossilised in that."


  1. So what music do you and your family think you could round up for the festival then Rob? You have a section to yourself on my sign up sheets if you want it. No evening dress required.

  2. Do they want people playing classical pieces in dinner suits...rather than songs and music that patients might know be able to enjoy and join in with and be cheered up, to help them heal quicker...very narrow and middle class view perhaps? I would have thought that there was a huge call for people to wander around and busk in the hospital - play a few requests, and interact with people...Being in hospital is very boring...however...I wonder if the local hospital might be happy for that to happen anyway? A different kind of hospital chaplaincy service?